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Subtitling for Web and DVD

DVD Subtitling  -  the D.I.Y.  Approach

The world is exploding in internet media, from corporate product demos to training courses and presentations, and there will be 50,000 internet channels swelling over the Web by 2013. DVD subtitling and Web subtitling were luxuries in the past, Now, they are becoming the norm. Finally, creating DVD subtitling or Web subtitling, and managing the process yourself - D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) - with guaranteed results, has become a fun, refreshing experience.

In the past, Web and DVD subtitling involved outsourcing much of your project, and ballooning your costs - outsourcing to translation companies, subtitling companies, and other DVD subtitling authors. Now the world of Web and DVD subtitling has changed forever. You, too, can produce outstanding subtitling, and even control translation in languages you do not speak or read, saving money while you do it, because a new, high quality resource has hit the internet - @International Services' Subtitle Your Video and its partner site, the Directory Of Translators.


Easy-to-create Web and DVD Subtitling

For a 3 minute video, if you order the timecode breakdown with a subtitling company or captioner, you'll pay $350. With SubtitleYourVideo, you'll pay only a few dollars, and do it yourself - in minutes! Outsourcing to a subtitling company or captioner, costs $600 per hour just for the transcription and timecodes, before the translation phase even begins. Now, you can transcribe and set timecodes yourself on-line for just a few dollars - and enjoy the experience. It's fun. It will make you smile. Yet your output is extremely professional. From the Subtitle Your Video software, edit lists are exported in your selection of outputs, such as Spruce, Sonic, Scenarist, Avid, and other EDL's. And a click of a button will issue your subtitles themselves as tiff or jpg graphic files. Or, click another button to receive a Flash movie with Web subtitles and language selector.


Translation for Web and DVD Subtitling

If you have multilingual staff or vendors, Subtitle Your Video is the perfect place for the translator to translate your video subtitles. When done, just press a button, and voila! Your DVD elements are emailed to you. Edit lists are exactly as you desire, and the subtitles themselves are emailed to you as tiff or jpg graphic files. If you need a translator, you can contact @International Services, or you can engage great translators directly, yourself, and save the management fee by selecting from the qualified translators in the Directory Of Translators. Whatever you need in business for Web and DVD subtitling translation - technical translation, translation for technology, banking, legal, and more - whatever the subject matter, you can find the qualified, professional translators you need for your project, and who can translate your subtitles right on-line via the Directory Of Translators.






Web subtitling and DVD subtitling opens new horizons to global business. Thus, the immense change in the popularity of subtitling. A video can be subtitled into 3 languages by the traditional subtitling company method for the price of one voice over. And can be subtitled into 5 languages using SubtitleYourVideo. Product demos are excellent candidates for Web subtitling or DVD subtitling, because enables you to reach so many more potential customers for the same amount of investment. To be sure, voice recording is more effective, and more impactful, but as the world's multimedia charges to the internet -- with an explosion that we can hardly imagine now, with our mini-videos, subtitling for corporate purposes as promos, as training and as product demos are becoming the rage.

DVD subtitling is no longer a mystery, it's fun. Even the translation process, that can make you feel so out of control, can now be done without fear, and you can take control, even in languages you do not speak. The Web subtitling and DVD subtitling process of SubtitleYourVideo enables you to display the subtitles in a variety of ways, and gives you a large selection of character lengths from short pop-on subtitles to full sentences and paragraphs, that are actually less disrupting to the viewer's concentration than the pop-on short phrases.

DVD Subtitling and Web Subtitling will become more and more dominant s time passes, because we will all do more and more global business. Moreover, with the advent of automated translation by language software, subtitles can be translated by automated software, and swiftly "cleaned" by a native speaker, saving a fortune in translation costs. To be sure, automated translation of Web subtitling or DVD subtitling by language software, even after cleaning, will never have the polish and class offered by a professional translator. But sometimes more languages is preferred over quality. Each and every subtitle project is different.


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