"We truly do appreciate your extraordinary efforts to accommodate us and our clients. Since we've started working with @International Services, we have stopped using any other translation or typesetting services in any language. And, if a client ever needs a source, yours will be the only recommendation I make."


@International Services pledges to ensure that your message, your intent and your vision are carried into other languages. And more! International employees improve retention, are more motivated, and corporate communications have increased impact. Promotional Flash video translations stimulate sales staff and distributors to higher achievement. Even "simple" translated training web pages and media serve to infuse international staff with enthusiasm, while corporate goodwill ripples all the way to your customers.

With @Interational Services, your training courses, narration, presentations, demos, web and Flash translations will look and sound exactly as though they were originally created directly in the target country.

"I asked our German manager to play our promo to see if it would work. It not only worked, but his face lit up. He was overwhelmed by the quality. The message was not only clear, but he recognized the voice from television in Germany. We give it A+"

- N C R



Training and Flash translations are adapted for the culture, for length to fit on a web page, for timing to your original Flash audio. Voices for Flash translation narration and lip sync dialog replacement are recorded anywhere in the world. Plus written translations for web or Flash translated elements, menus, and more. Receive your elements any format: finished product, for cut-and-paste, as XML or other code, as audio files via FTP, desktop published, or for import into a database.


NEW ! Web Subtitling And Web Presentions!

Finally! Subtitling becomes viable for the web using our do-it-yourself On-line Subtitler for Web and DVD. Change font sizes for a single user or a group meeting. Cut your budget for video, DVD and Flash subtitling - and captioning! - to a fraction using the On-line Subtitler! And teach around the world with the Global Communication Center, a web software to talk or present to 1 person or 1,000 people. Requires no telephone, is easy to use, 100% branded to your company, and comes with in-built translation and interpretation features. Email us for more info!


Voices For Video - Flash Translation

Outstanding international voice talents for video and Flash translations are recorded in any language and in any country of the world. Order a perfectly timed voice track or a full mix. All native voice recordings come with 100% quality guarantee for performance, accent and applicability. As of September 2008, you can direct or participate in these worldwide recordings via the web!

For economy projects, talents are less "known", thus less expensive, but they are fine recording actors, and add to the success of lower-budget media. For premium projects, @International Services uses international "advertising voices" with the power of impact. These can be some of the best in their respective countries, with a certain "recognition impact", but not so recognizable as to be unaffordable. A great voice is a springboard to quicker brand awareness and increase in sales.

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