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These studios were chosen specifically for their great results for corporate projects, from videos to voice prompts. Each studio is affordable, with native sound engineers and directors. And they offer something very special - each is equipped and welcomes you to participate in the audio sessions via the web - see, hear and produce. The language of communication is English for both speaking and email.

Home studio talents are also offered in the Audition Center, but this page is dedicated to the reliable studios around the world that also have a stable of talents, will help with casting, adapt your scripts, and watch your back. These studios can also organize green screen taping for you, online on-camera auditions, and be your "feet on the ground" in other countries.

When you work with these studios, you will receive back a perfectly timed audio file to drop into your project and mix. Each studio knows how to assure a pure "neutral" accented performance for their native language. Narrators, character actors, and lip sync actors stand ready and waiting. And almost all studios know how to adapt scripts for the most difficult recording style - "lip sync", matching moving lips on screen.

They will inform you when there is something in your scripts that may offend target audiences. They will watch your back, help you with casting, and welcome a partnership with you. From tiny to massive projects, talking head to DVDs, these studios will treat all projects with equal respect and pride.

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When you contact and record with @IS....

Estimates are absolutely free - always! If you want to give @IS consideration to manage your project, and receive lots of free ideas and advice, just email or call anytime: 770.414.6000 ext 701.

The Global Director Center also offers you an ability to directly contact fine studios around the world and manage the global versions of your projects yourself. You'll find that everyone everywhere is really nice, very friendly, and speaks and writes English. Add this to their professionalism, and you'll have a great global experience. And payment is as you like it, with one consolidated invoice in U.S. dollars.