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@International Services is the original leader of worldwide recordings of foreign language voice overs and voice prompts. The breadth of offerings delights and astonishes producers, directors and technology developers alike. Recordings are guaranteed for accent, dialect and professionalism. Following the Success Guidelines, you are guaranteed a successful global recording in languages you do not speak. Some producers have received standing ovations. Rave reviews are common.

Every foreign language voiceover or voice prompt talent you need can be found through @IS. Just email for FREE casting support from producers who speak several languages and have up to 35 years experinece in international recordings.



Whether a talking head, IVR, advertising, promo or training, @IS has the languages, experience and expertise to help you internationalize - with 100% quality and performance guarantee, and one invoice in U.S. dollars. No worries about currency exchange or international taxes.

New in 2009 !

You and your clients can participate in global recording sessions in any country, including inside audio studios that were previously inaccessible. Audition talent via the web and participate directly in audio session anywhere in the world, without ISDN and without downloading software like Skype. Often, you can see inside the studio itself, all from a web page.

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@International Services is proud to have been the first company in the world to record voices all around the world. And also the first company to be allowed to record inside Mainland China (then "Communist China") without governmental supervision. @IS uses its over 35 years experience in global voice recording, performance and script translation to enhance the success of your own projects and business. Foreign language voiceovers and voice prompt recording are everyday occurrences for @IS. No matter the country or language, @IS will take you there - either by recording for you and returning a perfectly timed voice track of your foreign language voiceover, or transporting you via the web directly into the overseas studio by way of our Global Communication Center software.

Foreign language voiceover talent in 90 countries and 200 languages are available to you. Recording these foreign language voice-over talent is as easy as recording at your local studio. You can direct the foreign language voiceover session via the web using the Global communication Center, or you can just sit back and relax, while @IS records the foreign language voice-overs for you in the language of your choice. Just drop the audio file recording of the voice prompts or the foreign language voiceover into your project, mix and go! Simple as that. No matter the country, all invoices are in U.S. dollars, and all foreign language voiceover recordings are 100% guaranteed for quality and performance.

If you have special needs for audio file formats or conversions for your recordings of voice prompts or foreign language voice overs, @IS will provide them in exactly the format you require. All foreign language voice-over and voice prompt talents are 100% full time professional voice actors inside their native countries, with impeccable accent. Often they are foreign language voice over talent for overseas national advertising and television, and/or are the voices of Hollywood film lip sync dubbing dialog replacement in their native country.

The joy of working with these high quality - but affordable! - foreign language voice over talents makes a huge impact on your project. A very high number of "foreign language voice over talents" offered by traditional voice agencies are actually stage actors, often living outside of their native country. The power of a stage or movie actor is the entire body and face. The voice is used only to enhance these physical skills. Thus, foreign language voiceovers by such talent lack the crisp professionalism and impact that can only be achieved by true voice actors. And great voice actors are rarely leading men and women, but they can sell the heck out of your product and convey your message to anyone who listens with more power than any stage actor. Also true foreign language voice over actors will increase the "sticky rate" of your listener. Employees will learn more, visitors will stay longer, and your message will be retained more strongly.

When it comes to directing the foreign language voice over talent in studio, the Global Communication Center by @International Services is a first of its kind, and is expected to bring multimedia professionals, directors, producers, technology developers and professional foreign language voiceover talent and voice prompt recording talent together around the world. For the first time, communication is quick, easy, and cheap. Directing the foreign language voiceover talent's performance, even if you don't speak their language, is enhanced by all of the language features of the Global Communication Center.

The world of foreign language-voiceovers and foreign language voice prompts is skyrocketing. We are all becoming more global, and just beginning to experience with recording and producing around the world in other languages. Even directing or casting foreign language voiceovers and prompts in languages like Asian or Middle Eastern or Slavic, where you cannot even read the letters! The Director Center and the Global Communication Center together will pave the way for you to be yourself, to do overseas what you do here, for foreign language voice talent recordings and even for monitoring on-location shooting, all from your own armchair.

With bandwidths increasing across the globe, more and more projects will go international. More and more sales will go global. And multimedia will go with the flow. We will all be casting, directing and shooting around the world as if were next door. Directing foreign language voice overs and directing foreign language camera taping from your office will become routine part of doing global business.

The future of foreign language voice over talent and overseas on-camera talent recordings and taping is incredibly bright.

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