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@International Services provides perfectly timed, ready-to-use global voice recordings for small to medium producers as both narration and lip sync. @IS is preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Studios, Cisco Systems... The excellent - yet affordable! - voices offered below have proven to increase sales, convert web visitors to customers, and improve viewer message retention. New in 2011, be part of the audio studio voiceover sessions around the world from a webpage! Producers, directors, and their clients log in from anywhere with no firewall conflicts, nothing to download, nothing to install. Also, try the full Audition Center where you can audition voiceover talents directly over video!

  • German voice talents and Greek and Gujarati voice-overs
  • International voiceover talents recorded in 90 countries
  • Telephone voice prompt recordings that flow naturally with smooth German voice talent performance
  • Narration and lip sync by professional German voice talents, plus Greek and Gujarati
  • Commercials for web, radio and television
  • All German voice talents and other are tested and pre-qualified
  • Narration for Power Point presentations or demos that make an excellent impression

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Greek Voice Talents, Gujarati

The links below are your direct access to high quality German Voice Talents, Greek voice talents, and Gujarati voice talents, in a variety of price ranges. German voice talent performance comes in several dialects: neutral ('high'), Austrian and Swiss.

Each German voiceover talent, Greek voiceover talent, or Gujarati voiceover talent has proven themselves for a decade or more, demonstrating experience, accent and performance.

Whether German voiceover talents, Greek or Gujarati, all have demonstrated marvelous results for clients over many years, bringing accolades and even standing ovations. From talking-head videos to training courses or commercials, these are the German voice talents, Greek, Gujarati and more to convey your message, snare your audience's attention, and create an unforgettable experience for your viewers.


Below are hundreds of global voice talent samples organized by language, including German voice talent samples,
Greek and Gujarati.
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German is a lovely spoken language - with the right German voiceover talent. The finest, most professional German voice talents live and work in Germany, where the work is, and are available to you through this site. You can work with German voiceover talents in Germany exactly as though they were next door. If you wish, you can direct the audio recording of the German voice-over talent via the web, or just relax and receive a perfectly-timed voice track that drops into your project. The German audience is highly cognizant of professional voice actors, and know quality when they hear it. Even if the German voiceover talent in Germany is one of the more economy variety, their performance will be far better received than that of a stage or film expatriate German living in New York or Los Angeles. Expatriate Germans specialize in other types of performance - such as English language stage and film, where the body, facial expressions and accented English are the important attributes. The overseas business German audience is tough and professional. They know a pro when they hear one, and will the first impression really counts.

The German voice talents - and the Greek voice talents and Gujarati - accessed via this site, will give you a fine performance, truly German. The right accent for the right audience. Some of the best lip sync and narration in Europe is made in Germany, and this site links to experienced lip sync and narration talents, audio studios and directors. For narration and lip sync, the German voice talents listen to the original language guidetrack in their right ear, hear their own voice in their left ear, and speak simultaneously in fluid, beautiful German to the same timing as the guidetrack.

Part of the secret to a good performance from German voice-over talents, or Greek or Gujarati, is proper adaptation of the foreign talent script. When scripts are translated, they are always 15% longer than the original language. Is the nature of human language. So, the script must be properly adapted to be spoken in sync with the original guidetrack. German voice talents are not adaptors, there are professional adaptors who organize the scripts without losing message. And a lip sync script is particularly tricky to adapt, requiring a professional to do it properly, so that the German voiceover talent's spoken words will match the lips on screen to the highest degree possible. Lip sync is an extremely valued skill in Germany, and lip sync voice translations show the greatest range of respect. The only circumstance in which voice should really not be used is if the content of the video is either (1) the CEO speaking or (2) a true testimonial from a customer. In these latter two circumstances, it is much better not to use a voice talent at all, but rather to subtitle.

These German voiceover talents are highly skilled in all performance types, from voice prompts, to narration, lip sync and all types of timed recordings. And the beautiful Greek voiceover talents provided by @International Services are a producer's dream for quality and authenticity. Each Greek voice talent lends true credibility to every production. For Gujarati voice talents there is no better source for amazing performances and outstanding results than here, in this Audition Center.