The Global Director Center offers several new software, including an audition software that removes the risk from the audition process in languages you do not speak. Moreover, you can audition talents right over your - or your client's - video.

When searching for professional foreign language voiceovers or translation services, the internet is a maze of possibilities. Many voiceovers sound lovely to you, but you hear horror stories of ferocious accents, laughter from the viewing audience, and rejection by a client. Whether you need translation and voiceovers for Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Arabic or any other language, The Global Director Center is the ultimate place to narrow the field of foreign language voiceovers, and gain insight on lip sync (ADR), script adaptation, font styles, “taboos” in b-roll, color localization, audio mixing styles, and more. Contact us to learn more!

Evaluating global voiceover providers

In the realm of true professional foreign language voiceovers, international professional voice talents fall into two categories:

(1) freelance professionals are the most versatile, most diverse in their performance and impact because they do voiceovers for many, many producers and directors from advertising to television to corporate work in the native country of their language (not external). (2) drone voice speakers, record the same type of text every time they are in studio, and although their voices may be pretty, their impact grows less and less due to, quite frankly, boredom with the script content and lack of pressure to achieve good results to keep their job. This second is not obvious to a non-native speaker, because the voice is nice, so the end result of a training course or corporate video may be quite a bit less effective on the viewer than imagined by the creator.


Length of time in business and proven reliability in voiceovers

It is fairly easy to go to the internet and just grab contact info, and a flurry of new “foreign language voiceovers” sites have begun to appear. @International Services was, in fact, the first company to record around the world and bring these recordings back for corporations. Now, is general practice. In many cases, the accents and pronunciations of the foreign language voiceovers have not been scrutinized or tested by true professionals in that language, placing the responsibility for quality assurance of accent and pronunciation on the shoulders of the producer or director using that talent. The Global Director Center talents are guaranteed for accent, dialect and quality.



Native speaking audio engineers and editors all languages

As in your own language, editing foreign voiceovers is more assured of accuracy when done by a native speaking professional audio engineer. When editing recordings outside of one’s own language, often edits are too clipped or hurried, wrong “takes” are used, or less effective “takes” are included in the end result, or missed altogether. With the Global Director Center, you may select home talents or studio talents, and each studio is located inside the target country with fine native editors.



On-demand professional studio talent directors for voiceovers

In advertising, whether for Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Swedish, Dutch or other language, with foreign language voiceovers, just like with our own voice talents, the director makes or breaks a recording. For corporate work, many recordings, particularly those in which the talent for the voiceovers and the studios are underpaid, the recordings are made in a “drone” manner, with a talent alone hour after hour, either behind their own home-studio microphone, or alone in a studio with the same engineer hour after hour. A performance director keeps the performance of the voiceovers at peak impact, and removes the monotony from an actor’s performance. Plus, a true professional director assures maximum impact of the final recording. With the Global Director Center you can choose what is right for your budget and your project - home talent or studio recording with director - or you can direct yourself via the web in any country using the Global Director Center's global directing network.




Professional voiceovers actors versus

stage/movie actors

A significant criteria that differentiates talents is the difference between voice actor and stage actor (or movie actor). At first glance, the assumption is that these two are the same. But then we realize that the power and strength of a stage or movie actor is not their voice, it is the whole combination of facial expression, body, gestures, and lastly fluctuations of the voice. Whereas a fine voice actor wins hands-down in the voice quality department, bringing vocal beauty, credibility and believability to your project.



No accent creep

When the talents for voiceovers live outside their native country, quite soon, an accent begins to creep into his or her spoken native language. The first step is that they begin to speak English words better than a native of their country would. Speaking English too well is a dead giveaway that the voice talent is not located in the native country. Then, after 4 or 5 years, an actual English accent will begin to be introduced into the pronunciation of his or her native language. The more years in exile, the more accented becomes their speech.






This software was created by @International Services at the request of multimedia professionals looking for a way to expand their business and increase success with international clients. You’ll find all the resources you need for great media translation, even if you don't speak a word of another language. Some software are free, others inexpensive. All are "on demand."

What can you do online?

  • Subtitle your web movie or create DVD edit lists
  • Find a qualified professional translator
  • Manage script translation
  • Train employees via the web, and save as movie, then translate
  • Audition fine international voice talent
  • Set edit points for foreign footage
  • Display your work to a client with foreign voice-over or subtitles to simulate translation
  • Transcribe audio in any language
  • Create edit lists in dozens of languages
  • Audition, direct and conference around the world
  • Find tips and secrets that help sell translation projects


Everything is organized so that you can do-it-yourself with remarkable success.

  • Contact and request services from pre-qualified professionals around the world
  • Audition voice and camera talent in any country guaranteed for accent and dialect, then sit in on a recording session anywhere, right from your laptop.
  • Give global presentations and training, and then click to save as movies. Click to request an interpreter for the event or translate and subtitle using these software for later re-viewing
  • Work with over 90 countries without international taxes or currency and use any software without downloading or installing anything. As long as you have a new (free) version of Flash, you're ready!

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