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@International Services provides perfectly timed, ready-to-use global voice recordings for small to medium producers as both narration and lip sync. @IS is preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Studios, Cisco Systems... The excellent - yet affordable! - voices offered below have proven to increase sales, convert web visitors to customers, and improve viewer message retention. New in 2011, be part of the audio studio voiceover sessions around the world from a webpage! Producers, directors, and their clients log in from anywhere with no firewall conflicts, nothing to download, nothing to install. Also, try the full Audition Center where you can audition voiceover talents directly over video!

  • Hear excellent Mandarin voice talents, Norwegian, plus others in 90 countries
  • Record your voice prompts with outstanding Mandarin voice talent, Norwegian voice talent, more
  • Find Mandarin voiceover narrators for Power Point presentations plus other languages
  • Create commercials for television, radio and internet advertising using Mandarin voiceovers and more
  • Lip sync and narrators for internet and intranet programs with fine Mandarin voiceover sound, Norwegian...


MANDARIN VOICE TALENTS: This Mandarin voice talent audition area offers something very difficult to find - the coveted "anchor voices" of Beijing and Chinese television. China does have professional Mandarin voice talents for advertising, but for credibility in business - for promotional videos, training and corporate communication - the most prized talents are the anchors of Central Television. @International Services was the first company permitted to record unsupervised in China, and has access to these prized voices. Moreover, the costs of these recordings are extremely affordable, even inexpensive.

Mandarin voice talents are also recorded in Taipei, Taiwan, for that discerning audience, a very special accent and beautiful Mandarin voiceover performance. Lastly, Cantonese voiceovers are recorded in Hong Kong. Note that Cantonese voiceovers are slowly absorbing some of the Mandarin voiceover accent and style, affecting the language.

NORWEGIAN VOICE TALENTS: The Norwegian voice talents in this audition center are premium quality. Some have home studios, most are recorded in professional studio with audio engineer and producer-director to assure quality for your project. Plus Malay voiceover talents, Malayalam and Maori talent.

Below are hundreds of international voice talent samples. Choose a voice, then click to download an MP3.
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Below are hundreds of international voice talent samples. Choose a voice, then click to download an MP3.






With the right Mandarin voiceover talent, the language sounds beautiful to the ear. The most coveted professional Mandarin voice talents live and work in Beijing, and many are not Mandarin voice talents as we know them, but rather television anchors for Beijing television. Both Mandarin voiceover talent and anchors are available through this site. Recording with Mandarin voiceover talents in Beijing is almost exactly as though working with your favorite studio in your city. Using the Global TAlk Center, you can direct the audio recording of the Mandarin voice-over talent via the web. Alternatively, the directors of @International Services will deliver a perfectly-timed voice track that drops into your project. Fine Mandarin voiceover talent are very affordable in terms of US dollars and Euros. The difference in economies works to a multimedia designer's advantage at this time, and eases the heavy investment generally required for marketing and advertising.

The Mandarin voiceover talents - plus the Norwegian voice talents, Malay and others - that can be accessed via this site, will give you a fine performance, with fine accent, dialect and performance. The right accent for the right audience. Norwegian voice talents, for example, are excellent voices heard on radio, television and corporate projects nationwide. Their talents affect the impact of your media - in a very positive way. When recording your projects to the timing of your original, the Mandarin voice talents, Norwegian and Malay listen to the original language guidetrack in their right ear, and speak simultaneously in their language to the same timing as the guidetrack.

Part of the secret to a good performance from fine Mandarin voice-over talents, or Malay or Norwegian, is correct adaptation of the talent script. After translation, scripts are some 15% longer than an original language script. This is simply due to the differences in human language. Therefore, the talent script must be correctly adapted in order to be spoken in sync within the timing of the original guidetrack. Mandarin voiceover talents, for example, are not adaptors, so @IS uses professional adaptors who organize the scripts without losing message. And a lip sync script is particularly tricky to adapt, requiring a professional to do it well, so that the Malay, Norwegian or Mandarin voiceover talent's spoken words will match the lips on screen insofar as possible. Lip sync is not really as popular in Norwegian, because so many people speak English, although narration is warmly received. And the Mandarin market is only just now becoming accustomed to lip sync.