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       6 Tips for Successful Marketing
          using Automatic Translation

What can a business do to outrun the competition? Attract international buyers at home and abroad. With a few important changes to a normal marketing routine, automatic translation can be an affordable way to increase business with new cultures without speaking the language.

The cost of marketing translation is the single most unbearable cost involved in attracting people of other languages, and the cost is often difficult to justify, especially when there is no previous history of success. Yet marketing in several languages will increase sales and impact success in regional and global markets, generally with a minimum of 25% increase in business within 2 years and potential for several hundred percent increase.

The good news – perhaps great news! – is that automated translation is an excellent potential solution for implementing new, aggressive marketing techniques while slashing costs of translation by up to 95%.

Automatic Translation and Computer Voices

Today's automatic computer voices, especially in languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Arabic, and Chinese can be so lifelike that people cannot distinguish from human. Therefore, a mobile advertisement, a website "Live Chat", or an online discount coupon can actually talk to the recipient in a friendly voice in their language without the company staff speaking any of these languages.

These warm translated voices, such as those available through sites like TranslateYourWorld.com, take the place of a human salesman during the preliminary business expansion phase, especially for retail sales or sales based upon clicking a webpage rather than a face-to-face sales pitch.

Writing for Automatic Translation ("machine translation")

Machine translation will not have good results if text is composed “as usual”, without planning or forethought for automation. Anyone who writes well in their native language will discover upon closer inspection that their text is full of imagery, metaphors, double-meanings, slang, and humor. An example of automated translation of baseball text may be an excellent illustration of unthinking writing for automated translation: “The batter is at the plate. He shakes his bat and prepares to swing. “ When translated automatically, the result in other languages may be something like, “The bread dough is on the platter. He shakes his flying rodent and prepares to dance.“

Rewriting for Automatic Translation

First, create a copy of the original whose sole purpose is to run through translation software. Then, remembering that automated translation will select the most popular meaning of a word, review the marketing text to identify expressions that may have a meaning that is more popular than the one intended. In the example, “the batter” would be replaced with “the baseball batter”; “bat” becomes “baseball bat”; “plate” becomes “home plate”; and “swing” becomes “hit the ball”.

It is true that by rewriting for machine translation, the cuteness, charm and humor of marketing will always be lost in translation. But important marketing concepts such as “Buy your tires here” and “20% discount” function beautifully anywhere in any language, including with automation.

6 Tips for Successful Marketing with Automatic Translation

  1. Look for words with more than one meaning, and rewrite for clarification. Example: “To get started, go to this page.” The word “get” is a poor word in English because could mean receive or fetch or nothing at all, as in this case. Rewrite the text as “To begin, go to this page.”
  2. Remember that machine translation software becomes confused if there is more than one adjective per noun. A phrase like “This long, complicated, Latin American Spanish document” auto-translates as “All this time the American Spanish of the document complex”. Rewrite the phrase to “This long document in Spanish for Latin America is complex.” Spread out the adjectives by using prepositions like “in” and “for” and “of”. This may sound a little strange in English, but is exactly how other languages function naturally, so will auto-translate well.
  3. Watch for 2 nouns in sequence. The English language often use nouns as adjectives. This often confuses automated translation software. Example: “English language dictionary”. Rewrite to “Dictionary of the English language” or “English dictionary”.
  4. Avoid slang or subtle expressions. Use straight dictionary English. No metaphors, no humor, no catchy phrases. Such phrases are guaranteed to have ridiculous automated translations, the kind that make people laugh or scratch their heads.
  5. Keep the marketing message very short. Bullet items are often excellent.
  6. Enter vital words that could be mistranslated into the automatic translation software’s dictionary.

Where to Find Help

After running through machine translation software, ask a native speaker review the results for errors. Such persons can be found on websites such as oDesk.com and Fivrr.com. And because the text has been re-written for “dictionary English”, its content will be a good candidate for automatic computer voices that will beautifully speak your words in the translation language. Automatic voice recordings from translated text can be obtained from www.InternationalServices.com.

These rewrite and auto-translate techniques work for any text including simple websites, mobile marketing, email blasts, blogs, and email correspondence. Because using these techniques adds a step in the thought process, it will take awhile until comes naturally. The international version will take a long time to rewrite, but the cost savings can be enormous and puts businesses in a position to attract international buyers and customers who would have been beyond reach in the past.


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We make our home in the multimedia universe. @International Services has developed innovative techniques for controlling translation online and for casting foreign language voiceovers – tools and techniques that offer more possibilities than ever before.   In response to requests received from multimedia directors and producers to provide an improved way to audition foreign language voice overs , a way that will increase their success with the global projects and customers, @International Services developed a software specifically for this purpose.    The requests for support also included desire for assistance in casting foreign language voice over talent side by side with clients who like to participate in the process.   To meet these requests, @International Services created the Director Center.   The Director's Center is an online software specifically geared toward foreign language voice talent auditioning plus very special presentation materials for directors and producers to use to help them close more deals with global corporations or international clients.    

The Center includes tips on mixing the tracks you receive of the foreign language voice talent.   The tracks will be perfectly timed, to just drop into your project.   But after inserting those tracks, there are a variety of mixing techniques that may enhance your impact, plus certain other multimedia localization techniques such as music localization and special effects that may make a difference in the final impact. Combined with a fine translation of the script and screen text, you will look great in your customer's eyes.

The ability to personally direct international recording sessions around the world with your chosen foreign language voice talent is also taking a major turn for the better.   If you desire to direct or participate in foreign language voice talent voiceover sessions in any of 90 countries, @International Services is developing the online software to enable you to direct anywhere in the world – in English.   And your clients can join via the web in the foreign language voice recording session exactly as they happen “live” in their native country.   Clients can join you at your studio to watch via computer monitor, or join via their laptop.   You'll be able to comfortably direct sessions with the @international Services talents and studios located in 90 countries around the world for about the cost of a phone call to Chicago.

We live for multimedia translation, providing perfectly timed voice tracks of foreign language voice talent, subtitle edit lists and graphic files, plus lip sync recording. Our multimedia translation team translates scripts, training, presentations, Flash and subtitling. Another team records voices for technology and product demos. Multimedia translation is our passion. The experience we bring is only the groundwork from which we have all learned what works - and what does not work - when translating media and casting foreign language voice talent. Each and every one of us prefers corporate work to major media. We all see the enormous benefit that corporate work adds to the world economy. Corporate multimedia adds to global sales, to training, and to communications between leaders and branches. The combination of audio, visual and message makes our world go 'round.

Our promise is to make you look good in the eyes of your clients, employees and audience. You'll enjoy working with our professionals. You'll get outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and wise advice. We care about your success. We can work with your client's translation, or we can translate the script and graphic screen text. You choose what is best for your needs.

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