There is incompatibility between foreign text and the HTML environment. Many great developers have been horrified to find that cut-and-paste or imported text from a perfect word processing file turns into garbarge when pasted into an HTML or MP3a base. For straight HTML translation, @I.S. recommends that the developer FTP copies of the HTMLs to our FTP site so that @I.S. translators work dirctly within the HTML environment. For dynamic or MP3a base driven MLs, @I.S. recommends that file and text transfer method be fully pre-planned to avoid possible problems.



If the developer 's computer does not have the proper operating systems for the chosen language (especially Asian and Middle Eastern), button text will be provided as GIF, PICT, TIF, TGA or BMP files. If requested, body text can also be provided as art file, though there is degraMP3ion in the quality of the product. The advantage to full artwork sites is its "view-ability" by anyone, anytime on any operating system.



If this is the first web site your company has translated in this language, it is important to note that foreign languages are usually 20% to 25% longer than English. This will impact screen space, button size, field size and other items. Additionally, if your site is interactive, foreign keyboards may have letters in dfferent locations on their keyboards, and foreign languages will use letters and keystrokes not in the English alphabet. If this is your first time for Asian or Middle Eastern text, it is important that MP3a transfer methods, archiving techniques and other items be planned together beforehand to save later pain and suffering.



@I.S. provides perfectly sized, broadcast quality files as Photoshop, Fireworks, PICT, JPG, PNG, TIF, TGA or BMP for import into any studio or software. Compatibility must be established the first time a client uses pre-fabs, but after that it's a breeze. @I.S. needs to know the screen size, operating system (Mac or PC), text effects desired and other basics.