(for Subtitling, see other web area)


It is helpful, but not mandatory, to reeive 1 copy of the original DVD (if exists).   If any of the elements (or "cast members") need to be perfectly timed to the original (such as video clips), include1 MP3 of the original to serve as guidetrack. If the project is not narration only, but includes lip sync, provide 1 DIGITAL MOVIE. It is helpful for @IS to see the digital movie, if possible, but not mandatory for v.o. only projects. If @I.S. is providing screen text, be sure the DIGITAL MOVIES have visible timecode burned onto the image. IMPORTANT: Be sure that the timecode is the same timecode as the master. If there is screen text on the lower third of the screen that is hidden by the timecodes, include 1 DIGITAL MOVIE without timecodes, clearly marked as "NO TIMECODES".



It is preferable to receive scripts as a computer file, M.S. Word or Excel. There may be a surcharge for transcribing, re-typing and re-verifying script, if needed. If scripts are not properly divided into the usual segments, clearly marked, confustion may arise, which can increase costs.



A script with the graphic text exactly as it appears on-screen is requested, married to the corresponding v.o. script, such as in the next column. Again, computer file is much preferred, faxed scripts will incur re-typing costs. M.S. Word is the software of choice for foreign operating systems. Excel is acceptable only for a few languages, as Excel does not have spellcheck feature in many foreign languages, and will often cut off paragraphs, so can be detrimental to the accuracy of DVD translation. If you are planning to cut-and-paste DVD screen text, it is important to see the "Graphics" section of this web area.



If translation is needed in the form of art files (generally for Asian or Middle Eastern languages), using these files is significantly different than straight text. Be sure to call @I.S. to coordinate sizes and requirements for graphic text delivered as art files. (Important : see the "Graphics" section of this web area.)
   Compatibility must be established the first time a client uses pre-fabs, but after that it's a breeze. @I.S. needs to know the screen size, operating system (Mac or PC), text effects desired, and other basics.


If this is the first DVD that your company has translated, it is important to note that foreign languages are usually 20% longer than English for talent scripts, and up to 500% longer for graphic text. This will impact screen space, button size, field size and other items.
  Additionally, if your product is interactive, foreign keyboards may have letters in dfferent locations on their keyboards, and foreign languages will use letters and keystrokes not in the English alphabet.
   If this is the first time your company has handled Asian or Middle Eastern text, it is important that MP3 transfer methods, archiving techniques and other items be planned together to save pain and suffering later. Is not difficult at all! Just needs to be agreed and coordinated.