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Multimedia translation on-demand

  • Perfectly timed foreign language voice over track
  • Subtitling services for web movies, YouTube, subtitles, or DVD Transcription, other multimedia translation services
  • On-screen graphic text translation, Flash, PSD, Fireworks
  • Script translation and adaptation for narration or lp sync

Because media creators rarely speak the language being imported into the project, your work is a breeze with perfectly timed voice over tracks, drop-in screen text and subtitle files. Multimedia translation becomes sheer joy, with excellent ROI and client-pleasing results.

Corporate video translation

Working with us - or using our cool software - makes corporate video translation and promo video translation so smooth, so effective, and so impactful that multimedia professionals can add 50 or 100 languages to their repertoire without speaking a word of another language, and without previous video translation experience. @International Services has been known in multimedia and Flash circles for providing innovative and top quality services at affordable price, exactly what every multimedia pro needs for all types of video translation - including voiceovers recorded in 90 countries, subtitling elements, and 8 on-line software for media pros.

Global Director Center

@International Services created a haven for multimedia pro's called the Global Director Center . . This Center has great free and inexpensive software developed by @IS specifically for multimedia pro's working on international projects. In addition to the Audition Center there are 6 new software plus presentation slides to help close deals with global corporations. The 6 software are online, easy to use, and increase your offerings to your client significantly - at no cost to you because everything is billable and inexpensive. Before you make your next pitch for a multimedia translation project, visit the Presentation Center to learn about graphic and visual elements that can accidentally offend other cultures or cause your foreign versions to lose impact. Use the slides in your presentation to an international company to increase chances of success.

Expertise in video translation narration and lip sync

Our members include translation directors for movies, corporate and television. See the creative Audition Center for casting foreign language voice talent over video, making casting choices easier and more successful in languages you do not speak. These talents are the voices of overseas commercials, corporate and television; plus talent directors and audio studios around the world who are all native speaking professionals - like you, in other languages. You'll get the "real thing" from us - professional results that assure accolades for your translated product. Some producers received standing ovations!

Teamwork for video translation

The perfect team will be assembled for you, ideal for your video translation project, and filling in any gaps that you may have from script translation to foreign language voice talent . If your client already has a script translation - fine! Perhaps you need the script adapted for lip sync. Or, if you need a talent, just click the Global Director Center to find the exact voice for your project from around the world. But no worries about foreign currency or international taxes -- all is handled for you. Feel free to request a cost estimated. Each talent in their native country is guaranteed for quality, accent and dialect, and all have been specially selected by @International Services for their professionalism and experience in video translation.

A multimedia script translation is 15% longer than the original script, and adaptation is required. There are many types of adaptation from which to choose and @International Services offers them all:

  • Adaptation to assure that the translated talent script coincides with the actions on screen and with specific visuals
  • Adaptation to culture, to social standards and proper mode of address for the multimedia translation
  • Adaptation to the "spoken word" versus the "written word"
  • Adaptation to the timing of the original production to drop into your project
  • Adaptation to dialect, i.e. adapting a U.S. script for U.K., or adapting Mexican Spanish for Puerto Rico
  • Adaptation for lip sync, adapting the translation for the lip movements of the on-screen speakers for lip sync dialog replacement

Screen graphics translation

For your DVD, presentation or multimedia translation , , you may also need on-screen text translations for copy-paste, or Photoshop or Fireworks files, plus accompanying documents or booklet translation. If @International Services translates, we work in harmony with you and/or your client to assure technical and medical terminology that is customized to your client's specific requirements and lingo. And because there are up to 13 levels of politeness in some languages, our multimedia translator will take extra care is taken to ascertain the proper mode of address for your target audience.

How can we help you with your multimedia translation?

Email us ! Or call us at 770.414.6000 .



@International Services is proud to have been the first video translation company in the world to record voices all around the world for multimedia translations and bring those voice tracks back for corporations. Long before there was email or World Wide Web, we were recording voices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and pumping them through FTP, with a dozen machines pumping audio via the older, cruder internet, and exchanging multimedia translation scripts with translators via bulletin boards. Our company is opening the world of voice talents to you, so that you can also attend and direct the recordings sessions for your multimedia translation as they happen, anywhere in the world. You will be able to direct and communicate in English. Invite your client to attend your video translation recording session in China or Paris or Germany. You can watch together via the web, or your client can attend the session from his or her own office. All you need is a browser.

The world of multimedia translation services is becoming so much more accessible, so much more global. In fact multimedia globalization is the new term. There are no more barriers to global business - whether that global business is here in the United States or around the world. Your translations of multimedia may be viewed worldwide And your services may soon also be sold globally. Watch our Director's Center for new and improved ways to sell yourself around the world.

With the new innovations in multimedia translation and multimedia globalization comes a new lack of fear of diving into the unknown - languages you cannot speak or read. The's services, techniques and software provided by @International Services will relieve you of much possible anxiety, and make working across languages a joy. Whether narration, subtitling or lip sync, you can translate your multimedia with confidence, assurance and control. Moreover, the software by @IS can be used to help you close multimedia translation sales proposals, because includes presentation slides, techniques and demonstrations, all 100% customizable to you and your company.

And with the bandwidths increasing worldwide, so will the demand to translate multimedia from corporate videos to movies, internet channels and product demos. Countries where now only 3% of the population own computers, will be at 50% within 5 years, a massive increase that requires translation of multimedia of all types to meet the demand. The future of any multimedia t ranslation service is, in fact, incredibly bright.