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     New Technologies and Tips for Marketing
     to International Customers

A cosmetic saleswoman made $500,000 in one month by running a commercial on a Russian television on an obscure cable channel. A 15-year old made $3 million in two years marketing over the internet to people in other countries. Hundreds of home-office entrepreneurs make $1-$5 million per year working with teams of colleagues around the world. And any mid-sized business that offers international versions and a tiny bit of product globalization is guaranteed to grow at least 25% in two years, and often 200% or more.

Internationals are obviously outstanding sales targets; so how many companies target internationals with their marketing? Less than 0.003, less than 3 per 1,000 firms. This gap exposes in a wide swath of low-hanging fruit with almost no competition and easy pickings for on-the-ball sales professionals.

While hundreds or thousands of competitors pursue the exact same customers, the business that devotes even a smidgeon of budget to other cultures and languages is guaranteed to soar. Yet if eliminating the competition is this easy, why do shopkeepers, internet marketers, technology developers, importers, and manufacturers concentrate exclusively on customers who speak their language? Because English-language businesses have a knee-knocking, quake-in-your-shoes terror of foreign languages. Whereas firms bravely face competitive challenges on a daily basis related to their products, sales, and service, one whiff of a foreign language and the staff bury their heads in the sand.

Internationals are easy targets; they are friendly, open to trade, and waiting for English-speaking businesses to show interest. And waiting. And waiting. Then, when internationals reach out, an international’s show of interest is often rejected. For example, a movie screen company in the USA received 7 web submissions from a company in the Middle East (very wealthy). Not once were the web submissions answered. Finally, a frustrated intermediary in the USA called the screen company to ask why they refused to answer submissions, and the company answered, “Have you seen their English grammar??!!??” Only someone who cannot speak another language would consider such a response, because how can a company judge a prospective customer based upon that customer’s 4th language?

There is a repetitive list reasons why businesses do not pursue customers of another languages:
- “I don’t speak the language”
- “I can’t read the language”
- “I don’t understand what they say”
- “Our marketing is only in English”
- “We cannot support customers in that language”

The good news is that marketing execs can now pull their head out of the sand, because language impediments have been conquered by the newest language technologies that became available in 2013 and 2014:

  • “I don’t speak the language”
    Most internationals speak a smattering of English; and for real-time automatic translation that enables conversation and presentations across languages, try the speech translator software from TranslateYourWorld
  • “I can’t read the language”
    Google Translate has made this moot
  • “I don’t understand what they say”
    Once an excellent reason, this has now been flipped on its head by the TYWI-Live across-language communication software that automatically interprets what people say
  • “Our marketing is only in English”
    Try translating one or two company webpages. For video translation, try professional support by @International Services, or video subtitles for the Web or DVD through SubtitleYourVideo.
  • “We cannot support customers in that language”
    Once a major impediment, customers can now be supported without speaking their language using technologies like website live-chat software Global Instant Chat and call center support software TYWI-Call Center.

Upon closer examination of modern language technology, the “why not’s” of earlier marketing deterrents turn into “why to’s”, thereby opening a vista of opportunities to dramatically alter the revenue trajectory of a company, accelerate revenue growth, and expand the business in ways never before imaginable.

Sue Reager is CEO of @International Services, with 30 years experience in media and video translation for major film, television, advertising, and corporate projects. Sue Reager speaks 10 languages, has worked in 17 countries, and regularly records narration and lip sync in 70 cities. Reager’s expertise is coupled with special skills in media adaptation for the target culture and music localization. Her firm develops language software for media professionals including Web subtitle software and real-time voice translation software that translates voices and narrators as they speak.


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Direct recordings live online

Participate and direct global sessions in almost any country right from your laptop! See, hear, talk and text chat directly into the studio. The common language is English, everyone is friendly and very professional. Direct in Paris during breakfast, in Germany over lunch, and in Beijing or Tokyo before you go to bed. Invite as many people as you wish to join you, including colleagues and clients. Just go to a web page. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Because there are no firewall troubles, large corporations can easily participate. More on global directing.

Try our Media Translation Software, at http://TranslateYourWorld.com, and for casting your foreign language voice talent.and





We make our home in the multimedia universe. @International Services has developed innovative techniques for controlling translation online and for casting foreign language voiceovers – tools and techniques that offer more possibilities than ever before.   In response to requests received from multimedia directors and producers to provide an improved way to audition foreign language voice overs , a way that will increase their success with the global projects and customers, @International Services developed a software specifically for this purpose.    The requests for support also included desire for assistance in casting foreign language voice over talent side by side with clients who like to participate in the process.   To meet these requests, @International Services created the Director Center.   The Director's Center is an online software specifically geared toward foreign language voice talent auditioning plus very special presentation materials for directors and producers to use to help them close more deals with global corporations or international clients.    

The Center includes tips on mixing the tracks you receive of the foreign language voice talent.   The tracks will be perfectly timed, to just drop into your project.   But after inserting those tracks, there are a variety of mixing techniques that may enhance your impact, plus certain other multimedia localization techniques such as music localization and special effects that may make a difference in the final impact. Combined with a fine translation of the script and screen text, you will look great in your customer's eyes.

The ability to personally direct international recording sessions around the world with your chosen foreign language voice talent is also taking a major turn for the better.   If you desire to direct or participate in foreign language voice talent voiceover sessions in any of 90 countries, @International Services is developing the online software to enable you to direct anywhere in the world – in English.   And your clients can join via the web in the foreign language voice recording session exactly as they happen “live” in their native country.   Clients can join you at your studio to watch via computer monitor, or join via their laptop.   You'll be able to comfortably direct sessions with the @international Services talents and studios located in 90 countries around the world for about the cost of a phone call to Chicago.

We live for multimedia translation, providing perfectly timed voice tracks of foreign language voice talent, subtitle edit lists and graphic files, plus lip sync recording. Our multimedia translation team translates scripts, training, presentations, Flash and subtitling. Another team records voices for technology and product demos. Multimedia translation is our passion. The experience we bring is only the groundwork from which we have all learned what works - and what does not work - when translating media and casting foreign language voice talent. Each and every one of us prefers corporate work to major media. We all see the enormous benefit that corporate work adds to the world economy. Corporate multimedia adds to global sales, to training, and to communications between leaders and branches. The combination of audio, visual and message makes our world go 'round.

Our promise is to make you look good in the eyes of your clients, employees and audience. You'll enjoy working with our professionals. You'll get outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and wise advice. We care about your success. We can work with your client's translation, or we can translate the script and graphic screen text. You choose what is best for your needs.

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