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  • Foreign language voice overs recorded in 90 countries by professional voice actors
  • Voice prompts for technology and IVR that combine well and flow naturally
  • Narration for Power Point presentations or demos that make an excellent impression
  • Commercials for television, radio and internet advertising
  • Voicing and narration for internet television and intranet podcasts


@International Services is preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Universal Studios, NCR, Cisco Systems, plus small to medium producers.
The excellent voices offered below have proven to increase sales, convert web visitors to customers, and improve viewer message retention.


MALAY: Malay is and has been an excellent Asian market for products and sales. It is also one of the rising outsource centers. The Malay voice talents in this Directory will appeal to your target audience, and draw them to you and your client.

MALAYALAM: The Malayalam voice talents are recorded directly inside the target country - India (not Malaysia). As India's influence rises, so, do, the the need for Malayalam voiceover talent recordings. These recordings are supervised by a producer-director to handle your quality assurance.

MAORI: This is the language of the natives in the region of New Zealand. These Maori voice talents are recorded in New Zealand, and attract this very special, beloved culture.


Below are hundreds of international voice talent samples. Choose a voice, then click to download an MP3.