Meet Francois, an amazing talent in Paris, who is an outstanding voiceover
director with a small stable of fine, affordable international voiceover talents for your projects. Francois is also an on-camera talent. He and many of his colleagues from movies, television and corporate videos in France are waiting for you here online and on-demand.


Global Director Online and Worldwide

See, hear, talk, chat and direct in any country around the world from your laptop

It's about time that sight and sound are combined to bring international voice over recordings in any country into your laptop or your studio. Watch, talk, and text chat in English or the target language to the talent and audio engineer. Direct the session, or just attend for the joy of the experience, to answer questions and assure that the major words are pronounced as your client desires.


The online view was really great.






If you have never seen a great voice-replacement recording, don't miss this! It is amazing to see these wonderful talents listen to the original guidetrack in one ear, and hear their own voice in the other, while speaking your script simultaneously in the new language with marvelous performance and precision timing.

Unlike phone patch or skype, the on-camera studios are an experience. The impact of working face-to-face infuses a "live" feel so lacking with voice links, especially for your client. Participation in a session is easy, just sign in on a web page.

The on-camera certified audio studios are in almost every country, ready and waiting. You can international voiceover recordings in Paris while you eat breakfast, in Germany over lunch, and in Beijing or Tokyo before you go to bed. The recording is saved in the studio's servers, and transferred to you after editing by a native audio engineer. Each audio file is perfectly timed to drop into your project and mix.

Share the experience with your client or their language experts using the multiple, simultaneous logins - all with no conference calls or long distance. Nothing to download, nothing to install. The online session is pre-prepared for you, just come as you are. And there are no firewall issues, so any corporation or business can participate.

Additional supports are available such as remote overseas shooting on-demand with green screen, and online on-camera talent auditions around the world. For audio sessions, there is a Pronunciation Line to call to leave preferred pronunciations as a voicemail that is forwarded to the studio and talent.

Payment is easy by credit card, invoice, or online as a consolidated invoice in dollars. Ask for a free cost estimate for talents and global directing!






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