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@International Services provides perfectly timed, ready-to-use global voice recordings for small to medium producers as both narration and lip sync. @IS is preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Studios, Cisco Systems... The excellent - yet affordable! - voices offered below have proven to increase sales, convert web visitors to customers, and improve viewer message retention. New in 2011, be part of the audio studio voiceover sessions around the world from a webpage! Producers, directors, and their clients log in from anywhere with no firewall conflicts, nothing to download, nothing to install. Also, try the full Audition Center where you can audition voiceover talents directly over video!

  • Voicing and narration for internet television and intranet podcasts
  • Foreign voice overs recorded in 90 countries by professional actors
  • Commercials for TV, radio and internet
  • Telephone voice prompts and prompts for software that blend naturally
  • Narration for Power Point presentations or demos that make an excellent impression


RUSSIAN: This Directory offers outstanding - and affordable! - Russian voice talent for narration, advertising and for lip sync. Recorded directly in Moscow, these Russian voiceover artists will truly impact your audience, and turn your training into a gem, and your advertising into a seller. These Russian voiceover talents are the "real deal", and each recording takes place in a fully digital, professional audio studios with producer-director to provide the quality assurance you need, at affordable rates.

POLISH, CZECH AND SLOVAK: The Polish voice talents, Czech voice talents and Slovak voices included in this audition center will thrill your clients with their professionalism and impact. Each talent is a true pro, recognizable in Warsaw or Prague. Each Polish voiceover talent recording - or Slovak or Czech voiceover talent recording - is made in a fine audio studio, with excellent equipment, audio engineer and producer-director.

ROMANIAN: This up-and-coming new addition to the extended European market makes Romanian voice talents (aka Rumanian voice talents) sought after to increase sales to that target market. This Directory provides Romanian voiceover talent to the highest expectation, but at wildly affordable prices.


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