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Spanish Voice Talents
in 13 Dialects


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About Spanish Voices and Spanish Subtitling





Guaranteed for Accent and Dialect

  • Foreign language voice overs recorded in 90 countries by professional voice actors
  • Narration and lip sync
  • Commercials for television, radio and internet advertising
  • Voice prompts for technology and IVR that combine well and flow naturally
  • Narration for Power Point presentations or demos that make an excellent impression
  • Voicing and narration for internet television and intranet podcasts

@International Services provides perfectly timed, ready-to-use global voice recordings for small to medium producers as both narration and lip sync. @IS is preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Studios, Cisco Systems... The excellent - yet affordable! - voices offered below have proven to increase sales, convert web visitors to customers, and improve viewer message retention.

The Spanish voiceover talents, Swedish voices and others that you audition below have been tested and approved for accent, dialect and performance. But more than that, these voice talents have given marvelous results for clients over many years, bringing accolades and even standing ovations. From talking-head videos to training courses or commercials, these are the voice talents to convey your message, to snare your audience's attention, and possibly create an unforgettable experience for your viewers.

Below, audition Spanish voice talents of more than 5 dialects: Neutral Spanish voice talents, Mexican Spanish voice talents, Cuban Spanish voice talents, Spain Spanish voice talents (Castilian), Puerto Rican and Latin American voice talents. Plus other "S" language talents, such as Swedish voiceover talents, that bring success to your promotional videos, your training, commercials and web movies.

Audition Below

Whether your project is minutes or hours long, these Spanish voiceover talents, Swedish voice talents and others will make an impression - an impression on your viewers (video or DVD), and impression on your visitors (Flash on a web site), or an impression on your callers (telephone or kiosk).