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Spanish Voiceovers & Spanish Subtitling

@International Services provides exactly what you need for Spanish voiceover recording and Spanish subtitles of all types of media. Both Spanish recordings and Spanish subtitles are ready to use, and guaranteed to be very well received by your audience. Some producers have even received standing ovations.

If you desire translation support, our translators have highest qualifications and experience in all major fields from technology to business to basic medical. Additionally, we have a powerful comprehension of what is "Neutral Spanish" as well as a complete command of the 13 major dialects of Spanish.

Spanish Voiceovers

For corporate videos, training, web videos, YouTube, and all types of videos and DVDs, @International Services provides perfectly timed, ready-to-use Spanish voice recordings and Spanish subtitling. All Spanish voice recordings and Spanish subtitles are ready-to-use for almost any corporate video, including Spanish voices for DVDs or Web. Also Spanish subtitles for DVD, YouTube, and Web.

@International Services is preferred vendor to Microsoft, Intel, Turner Broadcasting, Universal Studios, Cisco Systems... Our excellent - yet affordable! - voices have proven to increase sales, convert web visitors to customers, and improve viewer message retention.

All voice recordings are made inside the target country. We record fine professional Spanish voice talents in 13 dialects around the world directly in the heart of that market. All Spanish voiceovers are guaranteed for timing, accent, dialect and performance. You may wish to try our full Audition Center where you can audition voiceover talents directly over video!

The @IS Spanish voiceover talents have been tested and approved for accent, dialect and performance. But more than that, these voice talents have given marvelous results for clients over many years, bringing accolades and even standing ovations. From talking-head videos to training courses or commercials, these are the voice talents to convey your message, to snare your audience's attention, and possibly create an unforgettable experience for your viewers.

Spanish Subtitles

Spanish subtitles by @International Services are so easy to use that anyone can subtitle. We make online software that creates subtitles, and one of its greatest advantages is its versatility. With one single subtitling effort you can place subtitles on DVD, YouTube, and your website. A great advantage is that our software also downloads a subtitle video player for the Web - just drop onto a webpage.


If is your first time creating Spanish subtitles for the Web or Spanish subtitles for DVD, you will be delighted how quickly you will learn to lay these Spanish subtitles in any environment. We help you through the first experience, and once you learn, your offerings will expand dramatically to include a world of European, Eastern, and Asian languages. All easy-to-use with today's software.

Mexican Spanish voice talents, Cuban Spanish voice talents, Spain Spanish voice talents (Castilian), Puerto Rican and Latin American voice talents.

Whether your project is minutes or hours long, our Spanish voiceover talents and Spanish subtitles will make an impression - an impression on your viewers (video or DVD), and impression on your visitors (Flash on a web site), or an impression on your callers (telephone or kiosk).

Our Spanish voice-over talents and subtitles appear on corporate media, commercials, television and training videos for IBM, Microsoft, Universal, Siemens, Toyota, television channels, and so much more. We would truly enjoy working with you, as well.


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