"SubtitleYourVideo performs so many of the services that we outsourced in the past at high cost."




Creating subtitles and srt files

Subtitles on YouTube are an outstanding way to attract and share information with audiences from another culture and expand your business reach through subtitling promotional videos, product demos, and movies that appear on your own site, DVD, or YouTube. You can create and translate subtitles into any language, then export srt files for YouTube with no prior experience, no need to speak another language, and no need to download or install anything - just go online!

@International Services develops software for web and YouTube subtitles, and provides professional services in translation and international voice recording for internet videos. The software created by @International Services, called Subtitle Your Video, empowers you to create and deploy YouTube subtitles to fit your own business needs and budget while making optimum use of your staff.

If you want to create subtitles yourself for YouTube, Subtitle Your Video will walk you through the subtitling process as you create and manage your YouTube subtitle text. Plus, you can edit, review and approve anytime from anywhere in the world, watching your subtitles online before going live on YouTube. If you wish to make a change after the subtitles are live, you can make the change in the software in minutes and re-upload to YouTube.


Professional support

All professional support services are available to you "a la carte": transcription, timecoding, subtitle creation, translation. If you wish to outsource some or all the subtitle process, click here to have a professional from @International Services fulfill any needs you may have in your team.



Using the power of subtitles on YouTube

Subtitle Your Video is the "real deal" for business subtitling, with secure, personal database and all the necessary features for professional translators. If you don't have a translator, click to request a qualified professional with expertise in your field. Or, click for automated translation by language software and then ask your staff to polish and improve the auto-translation. Whichever approach you choose, the srt file required for the YouTube subtitles will download at a click.


Reviews before 'Live'

Because your project is stored in your own online database, you have the ability to organize the subtitle process, coming back again and again to edit or add new languages, and review your subtitles over and over before going "live". This approach controls the quality and the cost of creating, translating and managing your YouTube subtitles.


Srt Files

Srt files are special text files that import into YouTube to generate YouTube subtitles (aka "YouTube captions"). The content of the srt file synchronizes the text of each subtitle to the timing of the words as spoken in the video. The srt file contains the information that YouTube requires: the time to display each subtitle and the text to display. Subtitle Your Video creates srt files for you in the original language and any translations.


Free srt file converter

If you have a file the timecodes and subtitle text, try the Free Converter.