Translation of training, e-learning and e-learning has never been so easy.  One person can train or teach anyone anywhere around the world, because when you speak in your language, attendees read or hear in their language.

Compatible with laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile, Translate Your Training and Courses (“TTC”) can be used in conjunction with any web-based conferencing software such as WebEx, Go To Webinar, and others.  TTC also offers low-bandwidth web presentations (nothing to download or install) for attendees with lower quality internet access.

One company saved $23,000 and another calculated $200,000 savings through centralized training resources. TTC  provides LIVE real-time subtitles in the original language (e.g. English) for ESL speakers of other native languages and for the deaf. TTC is also expected to be accepted as “captioning through automation” according to the upcoming new captioning regulations.


Real-time voice translation

What you say is converted in up to 40 languages at the same time.   You teach and train as you always would, speak clearly, and listeners select their preferred language – to either read as subtitles or hear as translated voice.   There are 4 options for translation from 100% automated to 100% human.

Streaming Translation can easily be placed on your own website and your own web pages. In this way, customize as often as you desire. Customize the look of your Streaming Translation for every webinar so that harmonizes with the color scheme, your company colors, logo, background, and similar. If you wish, pre-determine translations in advance for content then use Streaming Translation for improvisation and ad-lib conversation.


LIVE voice-to-subtitles

Most popular of all is the LIVE real-time voice translation that appears as subtitles for the viewer in up to 40 languages.   This is so popular because the attendees can hear your voice, emotion, passion, intent and nuances of expression at the same time as understanding what you are saying in their own language.

Pre-recorded voices

Do you have voices associated with your Power Point training, or voice prompts, or paragraphs? Just click to order fine, affordable voice talents in 70 languages.  Or with the premium package you can click to create and download recordings by cutting-edge synthesized voices that cost a fraction of professional prices.

Online teaching voice

Not only can you teach and train "live," but also record or pre-record training sessions with excellent, affordable, 100% web-based conferencing software. Each session can be recorded "live" or pre-recorded as camera movie and/or audio, and combined with translated teaching aids. All movies (including the presenter) can be subtitled - or you can exchange the presenter's voice for a foreign voice. The entire international experience can be saved, virtually and securely stored, and then re-viewed anytime, in the language of your choice.





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Complete info on our LIVE Streaming Translation software: click here

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@International Services enjoys translating training of all types from technical to business, and offers all services required for Flash translation and localization services. We devote our life to assuring that Flash media, Flash translation, and DVDs are optimal in impact in up to 200 languages. @International Services is rather like a cafeteria, you select the Flash translation services you prefer. We are delighted to work with in any way and with any Flash elements that you provide. @IS will support you from start to the finish line with knock-out Flash translations and will translate Flash training materials, translate or subtitle Flash training movies ,translate Flash movies on DVD and similar. Because @IS is dedicating to helping you succeed, you enjoy complete teamwork and cooperation with outstanding service from the entire @International Services team.

@IS is proud to say that Flash translations, DVDs and Flash subtitling by @International Services often increase the success of the Flash developer by attracting more global clients. The translated text and the voices provide for Flash translations are recorded around the world and spur potential customers and employees to greater enthusiasm and reaction. Whether you translate Flash screen text or subtitle in Flash with XML, @IS has the experience and the resources to make you look good. Translating Flash is a specialty of @International Services, because we are also Flash developers, specializing in the language aspects for both voice and subtitling. @IS translates Flash voice tracks, screen text and XML.

For projects with lower budgets, the voice talents used are less "known", and therefore will be less expensive, however they make fine recordings and are fine actors, adding to your success with any type of lower-budget media. For high end projects, @International Services is pleased to cast global "advertising voices". These incredible voices have the power to impact the audience almost beyond imagination. These voices are generally some of the finest in their countries, and bring with them a certain "recognition impact", but these voices not so recognizable that they are not affordable. A wonderful voice is an instant springboard to faster brand awareness. And a great voice will increase sales.

@International Services has just developers video translation software. This software is perfect for training directors, web designers and training courses. Flash directors and producers can "do-it-yourself" to a strong degree, faster and easier than on their own with the real Flash program. And now, for the first time, anyone on the director's staff - in fact anyone at all! - can subtitle their Flash, subtitle web movies, and do it right online. Moreover, there is an online Translation Management Center perfect for Flash developers where they can manage the translation of the subtitles, Flash scripts and more. In this way, translating Flash or web movies can be done in the way you select: by your own staff, by your client, by automatic translation software, or by @International Services. When the translations are finished, just press a button on a web page and receive a perfect flash movie player and XMLs. The player has an outstanding language selector. Or, receive the elements that you need to author your DVD. The on-line multimedia translation software by @International Services is increasing over the next 3 years, so keep in touch!

Plus, written translations for manuals, web sites, Flash, XML and more.

For more information on the software of @international Services, click here.

For more information on foreign language voice talent and voice overs , click here.

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