@International Services is pleased to provide the elements to assure your success: translation, international voices recording, graphic text, final QA, and other localization services. Alternatively, @International Services can receive the original web pages, graphic artwork or project and return finished results.

Fine translations, adapted for the culture, of web text, application content, training site, menus, button text, Flash script and more are provided to developers in the manner most desired: "cut-and-paste", via the web, or as files prepared for direct import into a database.

Quality Assurance

When localization is complete, @International Services reviews the final product to assure that all was localized correctly and ready for release to the public.

Music and Web Subtitling

Music localization can have a surprisingly powerful impact on audience reaction and retention. And now, subtitling is a very viable media on the web, because text can be enlarged by the viewer. Both are available through @International Services. In fact, @IS builds web subtitling software for digital movies, and also builds web software for automated voice translation, an iFrame that can be inserted into a webpage and will automatically create subtitles in 40 languages of whatever a speaker is saying.

Congratulations on the outstanding work you have done. I am truly impressed. It is extraordinary and very professional.



International Talent

@International Services helps you create international versions of Flash, presentations, product demos, training courses or videos that look and sound exactly as though they were created directly in the target country. @International Services' process makes internationalization easy, painless and virtually error-free.

Professional voice talents are recorded in 90 countries, plus U.S. and Canada. Each recording is 100% guaranteed for performance, accent and applicability to the target market. Each script is adapted for timing, so that the translated recordings match exactly with the original. Videos can also be recorded as "lip sync" with the script adapted to the lip movements of the original video, often giving the impression that the video was originally taped in the new language.