@International Services meets the needs for developers and webmasters of small to large sites and web applications, including database driven sites, mobile, HTML, XML, social media, WordPress, Drupal, XLIFF, and custom sites. @IS is renowned for translations and international audio recordings that increase "sticky-time" (length of visit), through smooth, accurate and attractive localization. This creates a pleasurable user experience for international visitors, and brings to life your international versions of static and dynamic sites, Flash and web applications.

We understand web technology from the ground up. Our company also develops cloud language software compatible with smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop, including one with an API for recurring website translations, global chat software in multiple languages that inserts as an iFrame, subtitle software for web media, and other linguistic solutions.

Small projects receive the same attention, quality service and caring as sizeable applications. All come with personalized support and friendly helpfulness, including "first experience" guidance. Sites related to technology, such as IVR, software, and mobile apps, and sites related to mechanical, electrical, and computer applications may choose from a suite of extraordinary products and services and receive translations performed by experts in the field. For larger sites, @International Services offers code localization and internationalization advice on a variety of code issues not already handled by content management software.

All work performed by @International Services comes with 100% quality, performance and money-back guarantee.


Voices On The Web

This is fabulous! The quality is superb!


Sound is often used on the web for product demos, Flash presentations or video clips. Fine international voice talents are recorded around the world and in North America to meet your budget. These voices add power to your message, increase sales and stimulate retention. The talents are the "real deal", full-time studio voice actors and actresses with natural, attractive and professional performances. We provide voices that sell, teach and communicate your message.


Technology and Technical

@International Services is a translation provider for many technology industries including IVR, computer software and IT product developers, from small startups to massive corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, and the European Space Agency.

Technology and engineering terminology change almost daily around the world. The @International Services teams are directly inside the target cultures, knee-deep in overseas technology and ever-changing industries. Each member is alert to changes and forecasts, and will inform clients when text in the client's project are detected that may affect the client's success in those regions.


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