Computers are becoming more and more Asian-friendly with each new system release. Thus, developers can manipulate Asian text with ease as HTML, XML and artwork thereby increasing their sales with existing customers and expanding their ability to attract a new circle of customers.


The first Asian experience is often faced with trepidation by developers. Then, after the first few hours into the project, working with Asian languages becomes manageable, and developers are relieved that working with 2-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean is not as hard as appeared at first glance. In fact, working with Asian languages becomes as easy as A-B-C.


@International Services offers translation into most Asian languages, and assists the developer every step of the way from order to final online project review and Quality Assurance.


Every time I work with @International Services I am even more impressed with how thorough you are, and how much attention is given to each and every job, no matter how big or small the project



Cultural Adaptation

Translations are more than mere exchange of words, there is a process of cultural adaptation and cultural applicability built into each project. And translators of the highest experience are employed, including Certified Public Translators, accredited by the U.S. State Department, and other professional qualifications.

Asian sites with Flash are very popular. Many Asian markets are more media-savvy than American, Scandinavian or European sites and Flash movies are a big hit.





For static web pages, @International Services can drop the Asian text directly into a web page, and even create jpg/gif/png files for the site using the English originals as base. For XML dynamic databases, the client will be fully supported in establishing 2-byte compatibility.

All translation services come with QC and QA inside the target country to ensure that the site can go live.