@International Services translates your project into any European language, plus Scandinavian, Russian and Slavic. Translations are more than mere exchange of words, there is a process of cultural adaptation and cultural applicability built into each project.

@International Services works closely with the developer to assist in planning text transfer and provides final on-line review on various browsers to ensure an outstanding product for the web. In addition, we provide Flash translations, with translated text and voice recording made directly inside the target country.

Translators of the highest experience are employed for each project, including Certified Public Translators, accredited by the U.S. State Department or ATA, and other professional qualifications.




We truly do appreciate your extraordinary efforts to accommodate us and our clients. Since we've started working with @International Services, we have stopped using any other translation or typesetting services in any language. And, if a client ever needs a source, yours will be the only recommendation we make.



Foreign Fonts and Interactive

The main European languages (French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese) are quite easy to handle, and localize rather smoothly. Less common languages such as Czech or Scandinavian languages require more planning and compatibility testing.

For interactive pages such as forms, on-line training, and other types of submission pages, it is important to note that the difference in European keyboards may pose special challenges if the developer wishes to re-use text submissions to create mailing lists, documents or responses. Some interactive text may show as odd characters in certain operating systems. Thus, some experimentation with encoding is recommended during the early stages of a project to establish compatibility with interactive text.

@International Services is committed to making compatibility a comfortable, stress-free experience, and assisting clients to ensure a solid, reliable site.