IVR and technology localization



@International Services is an innovative language solutions company that supports the internationalization needs for IVR, software, kiosks, web, speech apps, mobile, and interfaces, plus localization of the marketing efforts that surrounds them. Seen and heard in devices and applications from cell phones to web, software to machines, including small to enterprise applications, the @IS solutions are creative and effective.

With 20 years experience in IVR and technology, @IS language solutions support your developers as they internationalize their software, bringing one-of-a-kind solutions to speech and media, and resolving issues of translated dynamic prompts. Then, @IS supports your marketing team with localization of promotional materials, globalized chat software for customer service and tech support, and multi-language web product demos. The goal:  to increase your chances of success in global markets and expand your international sales.


Our National Hispanic Marketing Department has reviewed the Spanish recordings for the Bank by Phone, and has the utmost praise for the professionalism and clarity...



Natural results

IVR and audio products localized with @International Services generally play more naturally, smoothly, and attractively in other languages. Translators are highly experienced in IVR. @IS also offers reviews by engineers worldwide and product testing in almost any language or country. These extra touches add the 'spice' of a target locale to your product or marketing, and may be just enough to tip you over the edge into a sale. The combination of translation, testing, and voice recording in 90 countries give your product persona and identity for the global market.




On-Line software

@International Services offers 9 on-line software, including software for IVR system translation and automated LIVE streaming voice translation. All of these 'Software As A Service' are created specifically to help developers handle the internationalization process more easily at lower cost.

Everyone is thrilled! TelMex indicated that it was refreshing to get a product that sounded so good, not like some 'Hack American company trying to sound Spanish'.





The System Localizer

@International Services invented The System Localizer to manage audio product translation, organize concatenated sentences, and integrate language applications that use speech recognition across your choice of 200 languages and dialects. The System Localizer offers a localization library as well as online software as a service, and represents a new approach to internationalization. At the same time, it empowers you to spread your message in languages you do not speak.

The System Localizer has been the subject of television news broadcasts and award ceremonies, including the televised ceremony in California hosted by William Shatner.

The CEO of @International Services, Sue Ellen Reager, is a columnist for Speech Technology Magazine, and a feature writer for Streaming Media Magazine. Further information on IVR and speech localization can be found in the archives of these magazines.