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Translate Your Web Page (“TYWP”) developed by @Interantional Services is a convenient way to translate your web pages online. This site is specifically created for groups, companies, and webmasters to organize a way for their staff, their favorite vendors, or overseas employees to translate and edit certain web pages, forms, surveys, Flash html elements, online training, and information – all online. A majority of sites can become TYWP-compatible, although not all.

For most web htm / html pages, simply type the URL into a field and the page will appear magically inside this software. Translate or update the page from anywhere, or click for automated translation, then save it, improve it, and place it on your website when finished. Database websites can also be translated here, some blog materials, and web videos can be subtitled using the companion software, Subtitle Your Video.

There is a feature for glossary and an import-export mechanism for files with translations that come from memory files (Trados, DejaVu), and special SEO features.



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With htm / html pages, work side-by-side with the original seeing images and layouts almost as a mirror of the original. Just type over or replace the text on the left side with the new text, and click “Save”. Web pages that end in .htm or .html (non-database website pages) are or can become TYWP-compatible. Also certain blog content. Learn more…
Database Sites


Dynamic Database Sites

Database website content imports as Excel or imports as code. When importing code, the translatable parts will be separated from the code by the software. There is an area in Translate Your Web Page that looks like an Excel spreadsheet where translators can translate online. Or, they can translate on their desktop in an Excel or MS Word table file that will re-import into the software. When done, export desired file type. Translated text that was extracted from code will re-blend with the code to create translated web page code file, or choose to export an Excel file.


Automated Translation for your Webpages

Automated translation is optional and is built into this software. This automated translation can also be “trained” for your preferences. After auto-translation, the content is saved in the database. This gives you the opportunity to ask a native speaker to polish and refine the results.
Glossary and Trados


Info on Automated SEO