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Click for automated translation
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Translate Your Web Page is several steps above other online “click her to translate your website” apps. Why? Because you have the full range of controls and options – from the lowest cost to highest quality. With other online software, your pages are translated automatically by language software over which you have no control, so United Parcel Service may become “servicio de paquetes unidos” or TRANE (air conditioning and heating) may become a “bridal veil”.

Use professional translators of highest quality and qualification, or use your employees and friends, or click to translate with the built-in automated translation that you can train for your own special words and invite colleagues and friends to improve the results right online.



One of the attractive features of Translate Your Web Page is its automated SEO feature that functions in any language.

How does Auto-SEO function?

If your page is laid out in a specific manner – a layout that is very common that is a combination of paragraphs and bullet lists – the automated SEO will randomly mix and match content to present a fresh “new page” to the search engines. For example, if there are three groups of 8 bullet items with paragraphs in between each group, then Auto-SEO will sort each bullet group in a different order each time the page is opened in Translate Your Web Page. Moreover, Auto-SEO will rotate the paragraphs so that paragraph #1 will become paragraph#2, paragraph #2 becomes #3, and #3 becomes #1. Additionally, there is a “partner page” SEO style in which paragraphs are swapped between pages.

This mix-and-match is exactly what is required to present a “fresh page” to the search engines, and keeps your site renewed and interesting to global search engines around the world. This Auto-SEO approach functions in most languages.




What You Get

1) Your own secure database in the cloud:
Your work will be saved a private, personal database that is created automatically for you online.

2) Import and export files:
You can translate or optimized your web pages for search engines. And come back again and again to add new languages or modify to increase your rankings in search engines.

3) Work with professional translators:
You can import and export files to and from translators, many of whom are most comfortable working in their own software or with special translation memories such as Trados.

4) Export web package for your website:
When you are finished, just click to download your web pages that are ready to upload to your website. If your site is database driven, you can download the files for re-import into the web master’s database. Additionally, you can subtitle any videos and download a web video package containing everything that you need, including the web subtitle movie player. Just drop it onto your website.

5) Use your own glossary:
Glossaries give you control over aspects of translation. If, for example, you are “United Parcel Service”, you may want to assure your company name does not change in other languages – you don’t want the word “parcel” or “service” to be translated. The glossary enables you to both pre-determine certain translations, and acts also like a mini-dictionary for translators to help them use the words that you prefer for certain products or terminology.